Le Temps: horror in Solidar... Russians masquerade as Ukrainians to kill relentlessly

 Le Temps: horror in Solidar... Russians masquerade as Ukrainians to kill relentlessly

(Le Temps) said that what is happening in the Ukrainian Solidar is a real massacre and that the Russians disguised themselves as Ukrainians to kill with greater ferocity, noting that there are violations of the Geneva Conventions in this city, which the parties are competing to control, and its fate remains unclear since Moscow announced its occupation.

This Swiss newspaper explained-in a report by its special envoy for the region Boris Mabillards - that smoke is rising from everywhere, and that with close-up binoculars huge buildings turned by bombs into piles of rubble can be seen all over the city located less than 10 kilometers from Bakhmut, which had a population of just over 10 thousand people a year ago.

The correspondent asked about the importance of this hill, where a few hundred civilians now live in cellars where corpses accumulate, pointing to what the Ukrainian troops say that the Wagner Group mercenaries waged a "dirty" war there that does not respect human life or the Geneva Conventions, some even now call Solidar the "human meat grinder of the Ukrainian East".

The largest salt mine

Despite the Russians ' claim to control Solidar for almost a week, what we have been hearing from explosions and Bullets Over the past two days-the correspondent says - testifies that fierce battles are still taking place, although only a few buildings remain in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers at the exit of the city towards the entrance to the largest salt mine in Europe, according to a wounded soldier who was evacuated to Bakhmut.

This soldier confirmed that the road between Bakhmut and Sloviansk-which military experts say is strategic and its capture will allow Russian troops to advance towards Sloviansk - is still under the control of Ukrainians.

We walk over the corpses of our comrades

A Ukrainian officer, who preferred not to be named, said that the war is going on with small arms from one building to another, and it is almost a fistfight, where both sides are fighting, leaving corpses behind, adding: "We always evacuate our dead, but the Russians do not care. Sometimes they leave their dead in the middle of the street and end up frozen," he said.

"We have no choice but to advance under enemy bullets," the correspondent attributed to the one whom he called a mercenary from Wagner captured by the Ukrainians. The leaders point their weapons at us to force us to advance, and those who refuse or retreat are systematically killed. Before we fall dead and others trample on us, we must push towards the enemy, even if it means walking over the bodies of our own troops, he urged.

The head of the Ukrainian army's intelligence office, who heads the Georgian Corps, has said that the Wagner gang not only disregards the life of its mercenaries but also routinely disobeys the Geneva Accords "In order to trick us in Solidar, Wagner's guys dress like Ukrainians. Where exactly they located him is unknown to us. Who made it, and did they take it from our ancestors? ".

The correspondent concluded that the Russian control over Solidar, if confirmed, will not change the course of the war, despite Wagner's influential head Yevgeny Progozhin deliberately overestimating the economic and strategic importance of Solidar to turn this small town and its salt mine into a possible brilliant victory that would crown the commitment of his mercenaries, even though the Russian army claims to have played a key role in this success.

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