Russia and Ukraine: Russian missile strikes against a missile and satellite manufacturing complex in the Ukrainian city of Dnieper

Russia and Ukraine: Russian missile strikes against a missile and satellite manufacturing complex in the Ukrainian city of Dnieper 

The Russian military fired long-range missiles at the central Ukrainian city of the Dnieper, killing at least 3 people after the shelling hit the missile manufacturing complex, local officials said.

another 15 people were injured, and a residential complex near the plant was also damaged.

The industrial complex "Dnepr-izmash" also produces artificial satellites, one of which was put into low-earth orbit by a SpaceX rocket belonging to Ilon Mask.

The Russian defense ministry said that the plant manufactures components used in the manufacture of Ukrainian ballistic missiles.

Two more people were killed when dozens of Russian rockets hit the town of Shukhov, near Kharkiv, on Friday evening, the mayor of Kharkiv, located in the north of the country, said.

BBC correspondent Joe Inwood in Kyiv said that although Russia's ground advance in the east has slowed, the number of air and missile strikes in urban centers has increased.

Sirens sounded in several Ukrainian cities on Saturday night.

In a photo of the Dnieper taken on Saturday morning, a dead man, lying face down, with a bloody head, was captured. According to local media, the man was working as a bus driver and had just finished his shift when rockets hit the area.

The Dnieper has welcomed many displaced Ukrainian citizens from other eastern cities and from the Donbas, where Russian ground forces are stationed.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered his troops to intensify hostilities in Ukraine in order to prevent Ukrainian artillery and long-range missiles from hitting targets on Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine, Russian media reported.

In a Facebook post, Dnipro mayor Boris Filatov said residents had to leave the city, adding: "There is no place for women, children and the elderly. And everyone who wants to leave, they have to do it," he said.

They blasted all the city's suburbs, damaged the airport with missiles, blew up bridges, and attacked fuel depots and petrol stations, but our folks persevered, the journal said.

A Russian cruise missile killed at least 23 people on Thursday in the town of Vinnytsia, southwest of Kyiv.

The Ukrainian military claims that the missiles were launched from Russian submarines in the Black Sea. As for the missiles that hit the Dnieper, they said they were fired from a bomber flying over the Caspian Sea.

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