Berlusconi: Russian President Vladimir Putin Praises "true friend"


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday paid tribute to the memory of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who died at the age of 86, a "dear man" and a "true friend," calling the death of the "patriarch of Italian politics "an" irreparable loss."

"For me, Silvio was a dear person and a true friend," Putin said in a telegram of condolences addressed to Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

He always admired her " wisdom "and praised her" incredible vitality, "optimism ", and " sense of humour. Silvio Berlusconi, a " true patriot "of his country," made an invaluable personal contribution " to the development of the Russian-Italian partnership, according to the Kremlin owner.

"Russia will always remember Silvio Berlusconi as a principled supporter of (... ) Strengthening friendly relations between our two countries".

Holidays together

Silvio Berlusconi, an ardent admirer of the Russian President when he was in power, said that he was connected with Vladimir Putin through a "personal and real friendship."The two men often saw each other spending holidays together; they were cheerfully photographed sitting side by side or wearing huge hats.

Berlusconi called Vladimir Putin a" simple and modest man " who has done much for his country. The Russian leader praised Silvio Berlusconi as "one of the best politicians in Europe" and "one of the last Mohicans in politics."

Vladimir Putin gave his soul mate a four-poster bed on which the billionaire had sex with a call girl in 2008, as this woman claimed in the book. In return, Berlusconi presented Putin with a duvet cover with the image of two politicians.

Le Cavalier has always supported the Russian position in the Ukrainian conflict and condemned the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Moscow after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, considering it a "return to the Cold War."

In September 2015, Silvio Berlusconi visited this peninsula with Vladimir Putin to drink wine and honour the memory of the Italian soldiers who died at the end of the XIX century during the Crimean War.

After the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in April 2022, Berlusconi publicly criticized his friend, saying that he was "deeply disappointed and saddened by the behaviour of Vladimir Putin," who, according to him, assumed " a very serious responsibility to the whole world."

However, during the campaign for the Italian legislative elections in September 2022, Berlusconi defended Vladimir Putin, saying that the latter wanted to overthrow the government in Kyiv to put "good people" in his place.

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